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Post by Obsidian on Sat Dec 21, 2013 1:57 pm

Through my travels on the interwebs, I have discovered some great places to get awesome games at rock bottom prices. Recommended for those of you who use STEAM or DESURA. There are some direct downloads too! Most titles are DRM Free!

HUMBLE BUNDLE - New Deals every week! Sales go to charity! Pay more than average to unlock more games!

BUNDLE STARS - Awesome games at deep discounts! Sales are in GBP but Google Wallet converts to $US or your currency of choice!

BUNDLE IN A BOX - Set your price for these games. Proceeds go to charity!

INDIE ROYALE - Pay the minimum and get the games. Pay a little more for a bonus!

INDIEGAMESTAND - Single Games for great prices. Top 3 contributors get a T-Shirt!

STEAM SALES - Sortable list of what STEAM has to offer.

FLYING BUNDLE - Pay what you want to unlock the next tier of games.

PLAYINJECTOR - A boat load of Windows games for a low price!

INDIEMEADOW - DESURA games. Once games are GREENLIT, Steam keys will be provided.

Feel free to comment or add to this list!

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